Colorado Cardiac CPR

At Colorado Cardiac CPR we strive to build a strong and medically educated community and we believe that this begins with quality education...period! To facilitate this we start with our instructors. All of our instructors are trained to the highest standards and co-teach classes with our veteran instructors until we feel that they are rock solid in teaching classes at the level that we would like to be taught. Secondly we keep our classes small. We allow a limited number of seats in our classes ensuring a comfortable learning environment for you. This small class size also allows more one on one time for you with our instructor making sure that not only do you fully understand all of the didactic material but that you are 100% comfortable and competent with all of the practical skills!   

Cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in the United States with approximately 326,000 arrests per year (75% to 80% of all out-of-hospital cardiac arrests happen at home) with a survival rate of about 10%. Nearly 1 in 3 victims survives when the arrest is witness by a trained bystander. Early recognition and delivery of high quality CPR is a vital and possible life saving intervention for victims. Although high quality bystander CPR can more than double a patient’s chance of survival; in most communities, a very small percentage of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest patients receive this vital care before the arrival of Emergency Medical Services.

To build awareness and optimize community involvement, we offer training and education programs, both on and off-site, for groups of medical professionals, hospitals, schools, churches, businesses, nonprofits and the public in general. We have many different classes to choose from and will happily tailor a class for you specifically depending on what your needs may be.

At Colorado Cardiac we staunchly believe that the more people that are educated, the more lives that can be saved!

At our training site, near Littleton Adventist Hospital, we also offer classes for individuals of all ages and levels of experience. Since we began, when we were founded by Tim Snyder in 2013, Colorado Cardiac CPR has served the Littleton area, the city of Denver and its 9 surrounding counties as a designated American Heart Association (AHA) training site.

Colorado Cardiac CPR provides certification and re-certification in First Aid, Heartsaver, Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) use. 

Colorado Cardiac’s unique combination of passion and education creates a delivery style that doesn’t just train – it educates. Our experienced instructors all have medical backgrounds of various fields, and were also chosen for their dynamic teaching styles. Our small class sizes allow for one-on-one attention, a format that leads to high skill competency and student engagement. We provide personalized support to every student, regardless of experience level so that each person feels confident and proficient in their skill set after completion of their course.

American Heart Association Authorized Training Site