AHA Course Completion eCard Instructions

Thank you for choosing Colorado Cardiac CPR for your training needs.    


Paper cards are no longer distributed from the American Heart Association. Unless specifically requested, all course completion cards will be received in the form of an eCard, sent to the email address provided at the time of class registration.  We strive to send cards out in a timely manner, usually within 48 - 72 hours, following your course.  However, we DO NOT guarantee that they will reach you in within that time frame and may take up to 10 days to arrive.  If needed, upon request only, we are able to provide a letter of completion at the end of the class. Please notify your instructor at the beginning of the course if you will need a letter stating proof of completion.

Step 1:

-You will receive an email at the email address you have provided from ecards@heart.org.

-The email will have a link for you to follow to accept your eCard.


It is extremely important that you accept your eCard as soon as you are able to after receiving your email notification.  Until you have accepted your eCard, your employer will not have access to validate your certification.

 If your employer requires proof or your certification, claim your card immediately and forward your eCard ID or printed certificate to your manager or HR department. Failure to do so may result in not being allowed to work.  

Step 2:

-Click the link in the email. If you have an existing AHA login, you can sign in or create a new AHA Login.  

-You will be prompted to complete the survey before being able to claim your eCard.

-During completion of the survey, the online course material, or key code, is considered to be the Student Manual.


To view previously claimed eCards please go to:


If there are any problems with your eCard, please contact us at (720) 639-2623 or via email at office@3cpr.org