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Colorado Cardiac CPR provides certification and recertification in BLS (Basic Life Support), First Aid, Heartsaver CPR/AED, ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support), CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) use.

Since Colorado Cardiac was founded by Tim Snyder in 2013 we have served the Littleton area, the city of Denver and its 9 surrounding counties as a designated American Heart Association (AHA) training site certifying over 5,000 people in different disciplines at one of our 3 different locations as well as on-site training.

Meet Our Friendly Staff:

Olivia "Liv" Mucha

Olivia "Liv" Mucha

I love being in the medical industry! As well as being a CPR instructor I am also a Wilderness First Responder and finishing my EMT. I enjoy teaching and sharing my passion for learning with everyone. When I'm not teaching I enjoy backpacking, camping or doing yoga pretty much anything that will keep me outdoors. I also hate wearing shoes, so don't be surprised if you meet me and I am barefoot

Jeni Johnson.jpg

Jeni Johnson

I’ve been teaching AHA courses for over 9 years and as a nurse my experience has been working in critical care. My goal as an instructor is to have students leave a class with more knowledge, confidence AND to hear them say they actually enjoyed it! Life is too short to not make things enjoyable. Besides teaching, the things I enjoy are the Colorado trifecta of hiking, biking and skiing with family and friends. Hope we meet soon!

Sean Huft

Sean Huft

Well hey! My name is Sean and I'm one of the instructors here. I love teaching CPR part time on top of my night job as an EMT at a local ambulance company. When I'm not teaching CPR or on shift, you'll usually find me outdoors. In the summer, I enjoy long walks up a 14er, sunrise morning fly fishing on a river, and cycling with my family.  In the winter time, I chill out a little bit, but still try and get outside to go snowshoeing or hunting.

Lindsey Rhodes

Lindsey Rhodes

When I am not out hiking a mountain, spending way too much money at Target, or binge watching surgery videos on YouTube you can probably find me teaching BLS and first aid. I am one of those people who think blood and guts are cool, obnoxiously point out mistakes in medical TV shows, and read anatomy textbooks for fun. I try to incorporate my knowledge and my passion into every class I teach so my students leave with a better understanding of not just the science, but also what an amazing thing it is to know how to save a life.  Outside of Colorado Cardiac, I am currently completing my nursing capstone in the emergency department at Sky Ridge Medical Center and I absolutely love it.


Kelsey McMillan

My passion for the great outdoors keeps me busy biking mountain passes and trails, skiing fresh powder and hiking in the backcountry. I am a teacher in the metro area's public schools and support students with learning disabilities. As an EMT, I enjoy working the medical tent at festivals and races, leading backpacking trips with students and teaching for Colorado Cardiac!

Patrick "Big Trout Patty" Moe

Patrick "Big Trout Patty" Moe

In addition to possibly being your BLS or First Aid instructor, I am a general outdoor enthusiast and excitement hound. I spent a lot of years rock climbing -- across 7 states and 2 countries! I work for 5 months a year as a fly fishing guide at a remote lodge in Alaska and in the off season I hang around the Denver EMS world, I am a state and nationally registered EMT as well as an AHA endorsed BLS, First Aid, and Heartsaver instructor. I love teaching and I really enjoy all of the cool people I get to meet doing it. Especially in the medical profession as I find we are, all of us peas from a little bit different of a pod. 


Meredith McCarthy

I've been teaching CPR, First Aid, and Medical Emergency classes since 2010. For five years I worked for the American Academy of Pediatrics implementing dental screenings and varnish treatments at well-child checkups. Nothing is more rewarding than when a past student reaches out to me with a story about how they were able to help someone who was injured or even save a life. When I'm not teaching life-saving skills I'm either outdoors hiking or camping, reading, cooking, playing guitar, or painting. I'm also really interested in nutrition and having a healthy, active lifestyle. I look forward to meeting you and teaching your class!

Ian Ferguson

Ian Ferguson

I am a graphic designer by trade, but I spend most of my free time up in the mountains or kicking around in the park or out somewhere exploring. I’ve also been an athlete my entire life, playing soccer almost every day for about 20 years.  I also spent 2 years playing Semi Professional soccer while hitting the ocean in my free time. Being from the East Coast, I love the ocean.  I moved out to Colorado almost 2 years ago and I have been exploring the medical field since joining the team here and being as much of a student as a part time instructor here at Colorado Cardiac.


Janine Pace

I've been in the medical field for approximately 24 years now.  Done a little of everything. Grew up in WA, lived in Germany for 7 years, traveled all over.  Ended up in Colorado.  Love the mountains, but miss the oceans. Spend as much time as I can with my grown daughters, but mostly on my own.  Love to hike and go on adventures.  Bicycle and hang out with my friends.

I'm sure I can impart some medical info that you don't know!  Hope you're in my class soon!

Facts about CPR in the United States

  • 326,000 people go into Cardiac Arrests every year!
  • 75-80% of out of hospital arrests happen at home
  • Nearly 1 in 3 victims survive when witnessed by trained bystander
  • Early recognition and high quality CPR doubles chance of survival.
  • A very small percentage of out-of-hospital arrests receive vital care before Emergency Medical Services

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